Learn. Create. Deliver.

Our Mission
Hand in Hand is a creative platform which its principle is to generate a symbiosis between design, craft and environment.

We look forward to produce, distribute and communicate the work fruit of international collaborations between designers and artisans. We act as a cultural bridge between international organizations.

We Learn.

Local know-how and lacal materials are the core of our interst and wher creation starts, we collect stories and inspiration from people. We analize and prepare the possibilities of develoopmet through field research.

After observing the artisans hands’ gestures and manipulation of materials the true creativity arises.

We Create.

From concrete to abstract thinking by identifying themes and opportunities, and then back to the concrete with solutions for prototyping.

Designers and Artisans work together in a workshop format to translate what they heard from people into frameworks, opportunities, solutions, and prototypes.

We Deliver.

We begin to realize solutions by analizing production procesing revenue and cost modeling, and by implementation planning. This will help to launch innovative solutions into the world.

Residence 2016.

Pauline Androlus

“Lors de ma résidence, j’ai développé la gamme Cintré 25 composée d’une série d’objets fonctionnels et utiles, fruit de ma rencontre avec le bambou et les savoir-faire taïwanais…”

Dimitry Hlinka

“La résidence Hand in Hand a été l’opportunité de rencontrer un large panel de maître artisan originaire de la région de Nantou. Cet échange m’a permis de découvrir la richesse du bambou, de percevoir ces possibilités mécaniques et plastiques…”

Samy Rio

“Cet échange nous permet de confronter, comparer et partager avec les artisans notre approche et nos différentes visions du matériau, de ses propriétés et donc de ses possibles applications…”

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