Carry the Precious Workshop

Instructor: Patricio Sarmiento

Date: from: Mon. August 11th to: Fri. August 22th

We all have a precious object and sometimes we need to carry it. This object can be any functional or just decorative. Can be his/her phone or a precious book or even a tea-cup. Each participant needs to choose one small object that is precious for him/her and create a bag that will contain it to carry it.


The focus of this workshop is placed on creative problem-solving, the participants will learn the creative process to achieve unique and personal objects. The students will study how to establish a concept, how to develop a research of material and how to apply this research to the shapes. Special attention is taken to the material as base to their designs.


To grant the participants the creative knowledge that will enhance their possibilities of producing aesthetic unique objects.


Maximum 10 participants,

Requirement: (Mrs. Lin appreciation)

-Craftsmen from different sectors


-Mainly Bamboo and supple materials like leather, fabric, foam, plastic, rubber, etc.

For the first day of class, the students need to bring the precious object and supple materials they would like to use besides leather.

Workshop at NTCRI, Nantou – Taiwan