TAIWAN: les savoir-faire du bambou

To discover in Salon Revelations 2015

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Artistic Director: Patricio Sarmiento
Scenography: Samuel Misslen

In partnership with the Centre culturel de Taïwan à Paris et l’Office taïwanais du tourisme, Hand-in-Hand presents: “Taïwan: les savoir-faire du bambou”.

A selection of rare pieces, from museums and private collectors, will be showcased during the biennial fair Revelations 2015, in which, by the talent of artisans and designers, the bamboo is magnified into decorative objects and work of art.

The challenge of this scenography is to evoke the material, its origin, its colors… without compromising the legibility of the displayed objects in a “bambooesque” environment.

Here, the bamboo grove is translated by the strained ropes that it’s needed to pas-through to access the showcased objects.

A material noble as well as popular, present in Taiwan in multiple forms, bamboo will be exhibited in the refinement of an exquisite art at the Grand Palais.

We will witness, through the symbiosis of Taiwanese craftsmanship and designers’ creativity, a multiple interpretation of bamboo as an axis of Taiwanese culture.