Innovative Production

Taoyuan aboriginal community development project

Taoyuan – Taiwan


This project was born after the encounter with an aboriginal community that produces bamboo in Taoyuan in the north-west of Taiwan. The need of a socio-economical development and the lack of employment have made this community to suffer from an increasing migration towards the big cities, leaving a desolated and unproductive land.

On the other hand, for quite few years we have longing to find a structure, factory capable to produce innovative designs with competitive prices. We are capable to create a sustainable brand to market these products in Europe to assure a production.

Taoyuan community it is a perfect ground to create a new economical model, this project will promote the development, not only of the community but also of a sustainable bamboo industry.

In Taiwan, bamboo craft is held by few craft-artists, this unique knowledge is having a hard time to be passed on to next generations; therefore there is not a competitive craft industry, forcing designers to produce mostly in the neighbor countries.

By creating a sustainable structure that has the basic know-how of working with bamboo, we would be able to compel the demands of local and international designers while keeping competitive faire prices.

The success of good development projects often hinge on the trust built in the communities. This trust, which is developed over time, produces dynamic and fruitful results. We also believe that the moral test of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members.

Our development approach

Hand in Hand would like to promote an integrated approach to community development through a long-term development program in Taoyuan aboriginal community.
Integrated Community Development is not limited to economic growth but it pretends to cover a global aspect of life — economic, social and cultural.

Our partnerships

Long-term partnerships with local and international organizations are at the core of our project. We will support and accompany partners through the development process, providing technical support, advice on management and planning, mentoring and guidance.

The National Taiwan Craft and Development Institute (NTCRI) and the communal JHIH SHAN high School, key members for the success of this project; both institutions will be in charge on forming the future bamboo craft artist.