Heidi Winge Strom

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Heidi works within the textile field. In her work, she focuses on materials and the process of making. Through research, conceptual reflection, problem solving and innovative ideas, her work result in exciting outcomes with applications in highly diverse spaces and products. Heidi works on self initiated and commissioned projects. 

Some clients: 
Agence Grenot / Agence Jouin Manku / Marie Deroudilhe / Ramy Fischler / Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik / Lacoste / Mandarin Oriental Hotels / Mix Magazine / Norsk Form / Oger International / Patric Hollington / Premiere Vision / Snøhetta / Tai Ping


After the Typhoon
After the Typhoon is a blanket/textile piece made of 24 shades of indigo blue. The shades of blue are carefully assembled creating the image of clouds in the sky
Artisans: Lin, Hsiao-Kuei and Lung,Kuei-Fang : indigo, Vivi Lin and May Lee: sewing
Material: indigo dye, cotton.
Dimensions: 130 x 114 cm